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    Our mobile discotheques are flexible and therefore is no party too small. To keep confirmation, birthday or wedding? We guarantee that your guests are on the dance floor, so the party is a success!
  • No party is too large

    With our flexible discotheques, we can provide music for even the largest parties and therefore is no party too big. Twiggi.dk has more than 40 years of experience and a staff of top rated professional discjockeys fluent in English and Danish.
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    In addition to our permanent staff of DJ's, has a number of known DJ's played for or in cooperation with Twiggi.dk - One of them was DJ Kjeld Tolstrup, who unfortunately passed away too highly synergistic.
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Our customers says:

  • 80´s party

    Last year in November we held an 80s… Read More +

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

    I wish on behalf of our party committees… Read More +

  • HK Isefjord

    The discjockey made ​​it SUPER, really well and… Read More +

  • Gitte Blaase

    We thank you very much for a cannon… Read More +

  • Copenhagen Burlesque

    A partner we can count on 100% of

    We… Read More +

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3F Copenhagen

It went well yesterday. I have only received positive feedback.

DJ Bager Baronen was good to catch the mood and his played some good music.'


So you may praise him for.


- Helle Pedersen, Chairman Secretariat


See also 3F Copenhagen in references

80´s party

Last year in November we held an 80s party (in Tune borgerhus), and it was a success, not least because we had a DJ from Twiggi.dk

Now we need to organize a similar event in 2012, also in Tune borgerhus, and, like last year, we booked a DJ from Twiggi.dk

Was it possible that we could get the same DJ as last year (unfortunately I can not remember the name) because it was just SUPER.


- Kim Kristensen, event manager

Aegis Media Denmark

Thank you

The party this friday went really well, it was a great success, thanks!


- Camilla Malling Kjer


See also Aegis Media Denmark in references


The system worked perfectly and it sounded great (actually some of the best I've heard) so I just have to say thank you for your commitment.

Everyone in the house say that we have made a great party for our members, so it has been a success on several levels


- Jesper Guldhammer, Arkitektforeningen

BC Catering

It went perfectly.

No major sports damages, good music and great football game :-)

Thanks for your help!


- Kantine, BC Catering

Boehringer Ingelheim

I wish on behalf of our party committees say thanks for the help with discotheque for our company Christmas party.

Your DJ, who played for us - deserve high praise for his efforts.

We are an adult audience, with an average age of about. 46 years and our dance floor was packed from start to finish.

There was played just the right music, with space for wishes from the audience - super timing and professionally.

I hope you will pass on our satisfaction disc jockey, we were certainly very pleased with his efforts.


- Ronni Svart, Boehringer Ingelheim

Boligforeningen 3B

Yes it did, and DJ has received a lot of praise, he came in a very festive suit and put the party started with great dance music :)

So GREAT praise for him.


- Susanne Andersen, Boligforeningen 3B

Capacity Showjumping Center

Dear Partner


Capacity Showjumping Center would like to say thank you for your / your involvement in at our Baltic Cup Rally on 14-16. September 2007.

Overall progress of the tournament really well when excluding accident with tent barn Saturday morning. All participants fought very well and was shown riding at a high level from all the starters.

Capacity Showjumping Center of the Danish Equestrian Federation has been asked to organize Pony Championships in August 2008. We hope that we may contact you / you again for future events.


- Bestyrelsen, Capacity Showjumping Center 

Copenhagen Burlesque

A partner we can count on 100% of

We have used Twiggi to several events have always been 100% impeccable service.

For our last event we lacked suddenly all sorts of things to run a brass band - at the last minute helped Twiggi in obtaining all that was needed.

They made the impossible possible for us, in spite of (admittedly) a little unfair working conditions and very short deadline.

I am the happiest customer feel we have a partner who supports us 110% and take responsibility for everything works.

Strongly recommend Jørgen Twiggi and Twiggi.dk!


- Bent Haugland, Copenhagen Burlesque

Dansk Magisterforening

Yes, it went really well, and we also got dancing: o)

Hope discjockey came proper home with his equipment, I was gone before he was done playing.


- Caroline Tiklev, Konsulent


See also Dansk Magisterforening in references

Fairway Consult A/S

Just wanted to give you feedback - about Hotel Admiral.

It went really well, I got much praise from both Ellen and one named Anne as she told me, she has booked through a lot you.

She thought I had been one of the best they had.


- Michael Koch, Cand. Jur & MCR


See also Fairway Consult A/S in references

Familien Frydendal-Oesten

We thank Twiggi.dk for an amazing and unforgettable day, without the service and welcoming come from Twiggi.dk was the day simply been a completely different, and Twiggi.dk managed to provide music for several generations, thus there was no excuse for not fill the dance floor.

Next time we'll throw a party, there is no doubt it will be Twiggi.dk again be in charge of the music.

No party is too small, no party is too big!


- Mrs. & Mr. Frydendal-Oesten


See also Family Frydendal-Oesten in references

Familien Houmann

Will you please greeting DJ Bager Baronen and tell him thanks for a fantastic job for our wedding - he was totally canon.


I will in the future be highly recommended by us.


- Anette Houmann, Projektleder


I just want to let you know that all the feedback I've gotten has been really good.

Everyone was very happy with the DJ and his selection of music. Which dance floor was characterized by.

So many thanks for a good experience.


- Jani Runge, Forsvarsministeriet

Gert og Susan Saabye

Now our silver wedding well over.

It was a cannon celebration, not least thanks to the discotheque - and especially the DJ, DJ Bager Baronen.

DJ Bager Baronen had come on a task that might seem impossible.

We were a group of middle-aged people who had been on the road since at 2.00 pm.

We had a bus to Copenhagen by boat to Middelgrundsfortet, treasure up and down stairs, got plenty of food with wines / beers, sailed by boat back home and sat and declined a little over a dark bus from Copenhagen to Roskilde .

We came home to our house at 9.30 pm and there were more than a firecracker to get the us again.

But it could DJ Bager Baronen! Within no time, he had us all in the palm of his hand and had transformed the semi tire company to a group of revelers on the dance floor! What a talent!

We think DJ Bager Baronen was fantastic! And after talking with all our guests, we know that we are not alone think! So a BIG thank you to DJ Bager Baronen - and for you to put the right person on the job! :-)

And finally, we can say that we were very happy that I had also thought of taking care of our floor and had moved blankets around, etc. It is great to meet people who care for others.

Well done!!)


- Gert og Susan Saabye

See also Gert og Susan Saabye in references

Gitte Blaase

We thank you very much for a cannon good party.

DJ Bager Baronen was definitely helps to pull people out on the dance floor.

It was truly just a perfect day :-) and DJ Bager Baronen was absolutely fantastic to control the music.

Thank you very much :-)

See you next time we're having a party.


- John & Gitte

Gitte Nielsen

Do you greet disckjockey and say thank you for a great event.


There was constantly filled up the dance floor, just as we had wanted it.


- Gitte Nielsen (50 th birthday)

HK Isefjord

The discjockey made ​​it SUPER, really well and everyone praised him MUCH!

He was sweet, funny, gracious, attentive and helpful.

It is not the last time we use you, and another time it may also be possible to book the same DJ, or what?

He commented after play stops, there were many who came and wanted, this is a good sign, since he has played the people wanted to hear.

Thanks for the agreement!

Will Definitely recommending you to everyone!


- Susie, HK Isefjord

Hørsholm Kommune

Yes, thank you it went fine and there was great satisfaction with the music.

I assign a folder for next year's party committee, where I write your contact information into.

So they have it if they decide a DJ.


- Betina Bojesen, Hørsholm Kommune

Ingram Micro

Special: Perfect sound, logistics ... and disco ball not to forget!

For sweet, talented, fabulous Kjeld:

You managed to send people into space mode, despite the fact that most (apparently?) Has parked dancing shoes many years ago.

My colleagues have noted, in particular your great patience with all their queries. And event bureaet (which fitted cocktail bar) is only now starting to breathe again:-D

There is no end to the roses for you - we bow in the dust.


- Charlotte Frank, Ingram Micro


Yes - it was a really really good party, and there was almost never empty on the dance floor, so we are very very happy!

Thanks for asking - I had otherwise also going to contact you and say it.

So great satisfaction, but I knew also from earlier that it was possible.


- Rikke Romey, inkano

Kresten Foged A/S

Thanks for the great entertainment.



- Bent Nicolajsen, Statsaut.revisor 


See also Kresten Foged A/S in references

Lejerbo København

It was just perfect - DJ Funk is our man and in our music company.

It was a great party - and not least thanks to your efforts.

It was just as good - and it will not be the last time - what can I just.

Thanks for another fine experience.


- Jørn Winther Jepsen


See also Lejerbo København in references

Martin D.M.

A thousand thousand thousand thanks for the lovely music and your lovely company for our wedding.

It was absolutely perfect, we are so happy and our guests praised it, as in the closet hope you had an equally good evening / night as us we thank curtsies and bows anyway.


- Christine & Martin, wedding


It was as always a great pleasure to work with you and your boys!

Thursday evening has become a really fun moment, so thank you for it.

The music sounded great and your set-up is as always perfect.

Next time you get in return ENTIRE task incl. decoration! We do not need disutere closer, it's just with this particular;)

Thank you for this time, hope to go a whole year before I see you again. Greet your boys!


- Lykke Haack Nielsen, Mærsk


Yes the party went super well and it should be your DJ have a great deal of credit for.

Thank you for good service - this I can only give my best recommendations.


- Lars Stub, NEFF


Many thanks for that, and then we can view also say thanks for this year.

Thanks for a great partnership.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Best redards



- Michael Straarup, Booking & Events Manager



It went really, really well the event - it brags I help those who bother to hear it.

He played what we wanted, so it was super.


- Helle Serup, Nordea

POLITI, Sydsj & Lolland-Falster

I have only received positive feedback;-)

And there were some out and dance;-)


- Sanne B. Andersen, Sydsjællands og Lolland-Falsters POLITI

R. Færch Plast A/S

Thank you, we had a really good party;-)

It has Twiggi´s Disco World (Twiggi.dk) much of the credit for - he played some great music, so it's not the last time we had a disc jockey.

It do not hesitate to say to him - he will probably play again on Wednesday?


- Annette Hvam, R. Færch Plast A/S

Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

They were VERY happy with the music. Rarely have I seen so many guys dancing: o)

You must have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


- Tanja Mathiassen, Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

Rønne & Lundgren Partner

I was so tired of miss it, but hear from everyone (including Madvig) that it was a success!

Thank you for good service, hope we get the opportunity to work together another timesmiley


- Signe Sundbøll Madsen, Advokat


See also Rønne & Lundgren Partner Hellerup in references


It was super super good, dj lifted a great job and sound as I wanted it.

Everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves and danced all night.

I'm pretty sure that SEAS-NVE will use twiggi.dk next time.


- Teddy Feltsen, Seas-Nve

Tina Holmbom

We had a great party ......

Guests grumbled just above the music was too good, so they were worn out by dancing next day .....

It was just spot on as I would have liked me!

Say hello to the discjockey and say thank you for a good night .....


- Tina Holmbom, 50th birthday


We had an absolutely perfect evening where all clapped as it should, and we are very satisfied!

There was danced both rock'n'roll and disco dancing, and the dance floor was filled to the last.

Thanks for the good cooperation that led to a very successful event!


- Stine Brandt Rasmussen, VELUX A/S

Vibeke Overgaard Madsen

We had an absolutely perfect evening elsewhere all clapped as it should, and we are very satisfied!

There was danced botheration rock'n'roll and disco dancing, and the dance floor was filled til last.

Thanks for the good coop ration att part to a very successful event!


- Michael og Vibeke Overgaard Madsen (wedding)



Thanks for your help George, I'm just so efficient!

It was a completely optimal setup - with max gas on the dance floor!

Have a great summer!


- Ina Svop, WishBone

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Hits from the 60´s, 70´s, 80´s and all the newest radio hits, our DJ will guarantee you that your guests will be on the dance floor so your party will be a success!

No party is too small. No party is too large!

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